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Brighten My Day Wrap Pattern – Free

Brighten My Day Wrap
The Color work is Stunning!

This is the Brighten My Day Wrap by Red Heart Yarns.  It can now be found at Yarnspirations.  I’ll provide a link to the free pattern at the bottom of the post.

I loved working this pattern up.  It knits up quickly using only Garter Stitch and simple increases to create the triangle shape.  It uses just two skeins of yarn – one black and one self-striping.  The self-striping shown is Super Saver Strips – Polo.

I’ve been knitting a lot of shawls this Fall, so many more than in past years.  My husband has been creating leather shawl and cowl cuffs as a companion accessory to them.  Using a cuff is a great way to keep your shawl in place, without having to tie it or risk snagging it with a tradition clip.  They also look amazing on cowls and scarves.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve seen a few photos already but I have a few more rolling out soon.  A shawl is the perfect item for keeping warm this time of year, as it’s cool enough for something around your shoulders but not quite “coat season.”

This could easily be knit up in a solid color or be knit in different colors, alternating between another solid and another striped yarn in coordinating colors.  I think a solid brown or burnt orange shade and Super Saver Stripes – Latte Strips would look fantastic.  Given those more subtle, earthy hues, a shawl like that could be work with more outfits, too.  As I’m typing this, I’m seeing that image in my head and imagining it with  knit boot cuffs done in the Latte Stripes.  Killer!

Here’s two more shots of the shawl from different angles so you can see it in all it’s glory!

You can get the free pattern here – https://www.yarnspirations.com/red-heart-brighten-my-day-wrap/RHK0126-016231M.html 

I think this shawl looks amazing with the leather cuff shown.  We don’t have the cuffs listed on the site yet, but if you are interested in one or have any questions, please either comment here, reach me via my contact page, or email me directly at: Gaylaknits@gmail.com


See you next time!


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