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Charity Knitting

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

As knitters, we love to make for others.  Nothing beats that warm fuzzy feeling of gifting someone a knit you’ve stitched with love and kindness.  Knitting for charity is the perfect way to do something kind all year round, plus it’s a lovely way to spread joy!

If you’re looking for a charity to support, but you’re not sure where to start, I’ve put together a list of charitable causes that are looking for your knitted donations.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick up your needles and spread some wooly joy today!

What can I knit for charity?

I love my charities!  If you’re looking to help others by using your trusty knitting needles, I have plenty of ways you can knit a little more joy into someone else’s life.  Whether you’re knitting for National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, International Day of Charity on 5 September, or simply teaching someone to knit, there are charitable knitting acts that you can do anywhere at anytime!

Knit for someone in need

There are loads of charities and organizations looking for your handmade donations to give to people in need. While it might seem like a small contribution, handmade knits can bring someone warmth and comfort which can make all the difference.

Charity starts at home

Knitting is always a great way to help others. If you want to spread the knitting love, then start small by teaching someone to knit. This could be a neighbor or friend who can’t afford to buy new sweaters but would love to knit their own to save money. Or if you volunteer at a care facility, you could go there and share your skills to bring a little joy into someone’s life.


Which charities can I knit for?

If you love making charity knits, take a look at the worthy causes in your neighborhood. Reach out to your local hospitals, shelters, hospices, thrift shops, schools, and care homes to find out if they can use the knits you can make.  Further afield, there’s so many worthy causes to knit for.  Whether it’s charity knits for babies, children, the elderly, animal shelters, or premature babies, there is no shortage of causes looking for your kind donations.


Here’s a handful of the charities you can knit for.

Newborns in Need

If babies are your weakness, then join Newborns in Need as they gift baby necessities around the US to ill, impoverished or premature babies.

Enchanted Makeovers

Help Enchanted Makeovers with their work to empower women and children in shelters by donating lap blankets.

The Pink Slipper Project

Help the Pink Slipper Project in their mission to warm the toes of women and children currently living in shelters by making and donating slippers.

Project Linus

You can help Project Linus with their work to help children in need and keep them warm by providing homemade blankets.

Knit for Kids

Knit for Kids work to help impoverished children worldwide, one knitted garment at a time. All knitted goods are welcomed by this dedicated charity.

The Snuggles Project

The Snuggles Project are a non-profit charity who work with displaced and homeless animals. They accept donations of blankets, towels and snuggles.

Warm Up America

Since 1992, the non-profit Warm Up America has had over 20,000 volunteers help knit and crochet over 1,000,000 blankets, afghans, and items of clothing to American’s in need. Help them at anytime of the year or join them in knitting, crocheting, and distributing hats, scarves and gloves for their ‘Made with Love’ Campaign!



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