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Ear Saver Mask Mates – Free Pattern


Many of us are wearing masks when out in public these days.  I can only speak for myself but I find the elastic on the homemade cloth masks to be very annoying to my ears, if not downright uncomfortable.  Mask Mates are worn at the back of the head and the elastic on the masks go over the buttons, so it’s pulled off of your ears, making wearing the mask much more tolerable.


Requiring only beginner knitting skills, they are very easy to make and work up quickly.  I’ve made the pattern free below but if you’d like to purchase completed mask mates, please visit my Etsy Shop.

In my shop, they are available as a pack of 5 for $18.00 plus shipping.


These mask mates are NOT a medical device, they are for added comfort only.


Materials Required:

Worsted weight yarn

Size 8 US needles (5.0mm)

Buttons of your choice

Yarn Needle




Cast on 4 stitches

Row 1)  Knit

Row 2)  K1, kfb twice, K1 = 6 stitches

Rows 3-34) K for 32 rows

Row 35)  K1, k2tog twice, k1 – 3 stitches

Row 36)  Knit

Bind off

Attach buttons of your choice.


Knitted Masks


If you’d like to knit or crochet your own mask, Red Heart Yarns (now Yarnspirations) has two very nice patterns, with tutorials for fabric-lined knitted and crocheted masks, that keep in line with CDC guidelines.  The link to the crochet patterns is within the knit patterns itself.  You can get those patterns here

Stay well.  Stay healthy.




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