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Hand Knit Baby Yoda


Love them, I do.


Baby Yoda is all the rage! 

I’ve come up with these two designs to make for Christmas orders.  They are very similar.  The first one’s arms are longer and he’s wearing a jacket and scarf.  In the second image, he is just wearing his Jedi hoodie.

Right after Christmas, I will be releasing the pattern.  If you are interested in purchasing a completed Baby Yoda, either comment on this post or email me at:  Gaylaknits@gmail.com  to let me know.  I can receive payment through PayPal.  Baby Yoda is $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  He stands about 7″ tall.

May the Force be with you!





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4 comments on “Hand Knit Baby Yoda


Will you sell the patterns?


Hi Beverly,

I will be releasing the pattern soon. Life was quite hectic for a while but with this forced slowdown, I can get back to pattern releases and website/blog maintenance and improvements. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Stay well.

Linda rainer

Would like the pattern when it is available thank you


Hi Linda,

Thank you for your interest in the pattern. I hope to have it converted to PDF and ready by this weekend, next week at the latest. I will do a post about it when it’s ready and will also reply to you again here to let you know it’s out. Thanks again.



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