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Knitting For a Cause – #HatNotHate

Stand Up To Bullying 

What is #HatNotHate?

The #HatNotHate campaign is a “craftivist” movement created to send the message that bullying is unacceptable.

With #HatNotHate Lion Brand Yarn hopes to increase awareness on the impact bullying has on children and teens by rallying together and crafting blue hats to wear proudly on World Day of Bullying Prevention, October 7, 2019, and throughout all of October, which is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

Lion Brand launched their anti-bullying campaign in 2018.  They had so much success in 2018 in spreading the #HatNotHate message, that in 2019 they are looking to spread the message even more by collecting 25,000 Blue Hats.  They hope to rally consumers to knit or crochet blue hats and share them on social media with #HatNotHate.

Why Blue Hats?

The color blue represents awareness, peace, and solidarity. Blue is the color to wear in support of anti-bullying.

What are the requirements the blue hats need to meet?

As they are looking to fit a wide range of sizes (to fit ages 5 to 18), most hat sizes are appropriate, i.e. ranging from 14 inches to 20 inches in circumference. Close-fitting beanie style as well as slouchy style hats are welcome.

-Hats should be handmade using blue yarn.
-Blue hats need to be received by August 1st, 2019.
-Please include a tag or note stating the fiber content of the blue hat(s) you donate. Some people have allergies/sensitivities to certain fibers, so we want to be aware of the fiber contents of the hats we’re giving to schools.

How to get involved:

If you’d like to participate and knit or crochet a hat to donate, I’ve provided links to patterns and where to send the hats here:

Make a Blue Hat       Donate a Blue Hat

Here are two I’ve made to donate.  Shown on left in Lion Brand Hometown USA  and on right on Lion Brand Wool Ease thick and Quick

If you’d like to use my pattern shown below, it would be suitable for a high school aged student.  You can get my pattern here

It’s not necessary to put one of the hat tags on your hat but they are awesome and help to send the message.  Lion Brand has them for just .99 cents each and for every five you buy, you get five for free!  You can get the #HATNOTHATE Hat Tags here

Last year, a knitting group that I belong to created and donated 267 blue hats and donated them to a local elementary school!  They created an anti-bullying program and distributed the hats during assembly.  They even created huge posters and provided us with photos of the children assembled wearing their blue hats!  I’ll blog about that next and let you know step-by-step how I organized that, just in case you get inspired to do something on your local level, too!


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