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Yarn Review: Yarn Paradise and Ice Yarns

Today I am reviewing my favorite place to purchase yarn – Yarn Paradise.  There are several yarn companies I do business with and I will be reviewing them in other posts.  I’m starting with the best.  Yarn Paradise is the world’s largest online yarn store; they sell almost exclusively Ice Yarns.  They are in Istanbul, Turkey so shipping can be expensive.  Realizing this, they sell their yarn at rock bottom prices.  The expensive shipping doesn’t bother me because they are able to get my shipment to me in Northern New Hampshire, USA from Istanbul, Turkey in just three business days!  Frankly, most companies can’t get me a package within three days if they ship it right from New England!  Just as and FYI, Turkey is the world’s 8th largest yarn exporter!

They have everything from basic worsted weight to luxury yarns. Their categories are as follows:

Amigurami, Baby, Basic, Boucle, Cakes, Chenille, Crochet thread, Custom Blend, eyelash, Fall and Winter, Limited Edition Fall and Winter, Limited Edition Luxury, Limited Edition Spring and Summer, Luxury, Metallic, Mixed Lots, Ribbon/Ladder, Scarf, Self-Striping, Sock, and Spring and Summer.

Here are a few photos of some Boucle I’ve ordered:

Some Eyelash:  Their eyelash is the ONLY eyelash I’ll work with.  They have both standard and long lengths.

Here’s a super bulky fur eyelash I ordered to make Sloth stuffed animals with:

This is Viscose, a fuzzy eyelash:

I often pay under $1.00 per skein and the luxury blends are about ¼ of the price I’d pay in the US.

They have a daily deal with blowout prices that are astonishing.  Here are today’s blowout sales – both are only .49 per skein!  Check out all of the available colors of that eyelash!

These incredible prices are another reason I don’t mind the higher shipping rates.  Even with the shipping factored in, the yarn STILL costs less than it would if I purchased it here and to be honest, Ice Yarns is the best quality yarn I’ve worked with as far as large companies go.  Check them out at yarnparadise.com  (No, I’m not an affiliate and I receive nothing if you purchase from them – I just love them!)

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One comment on “Yarn Review: Yarn Paradise and Ice Yarns

Mrs Knight

I’ve been buying from them for almost 20 years and always been very satisfied – never a disappointment or problem – shipment a bit expensive but yarns always excellent value.


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